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Rip Curl Surf Shop

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When it came time for one of New Smyrna Beach’s most recognizable businesses to update their look, Del Mar Construction was called to the task. Located only a few hundred meters from the ocean, the elements had taken their toll on this older block and timber structure. While aesthetics were a top concern, their were also several safety issues as several aspects of the structure had fallen behind code.  A white stucco with dark trim and tile work creates a high contrast modern look and provides an easy to maintain surface that will have longevity in the salt air. In order to bring the structure to code, new solid core fiberglass doors were installed with all stainless commercial grade hardware and fasteners. To finish it off, a new staircase for the 2nd floor egress was built. Reinforced joints, all pressure treated timber and more stainless hardware ensure this staircase will stand tall and true through many years of  the the harsh environment that the beach creates on a daily basis.