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Residential Portfolio

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Hill Street

This exterior renovation turned a previously older, bland beach home into a true standout on one of New Smyrna Beach’s many hidden little roads. Working directly on the beach has many challenges. The salt air, humidity levels and daily exposure to intense direct UV light will highlight any weakness in poor material or building method. For the exterior veneer, a cementatious board with stainless hardware protects the home. Aluminum roofing is virtually impervious to salt decay, and is commonly available with several warranty options, some extending out to 35yrs. Read more

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Tradewinds Beauty

This Condo remodel brings traditional southern beauty to the beach. Dark wood floors and off white walls combine to bring the feeling of a Southern Plantation home right to the waters edge. A few walls had to come down in order to get a one of a kind layout that has made this project a true standout. And don’t let the beauty fool you either, every aspect of this build brings hidden function or storage. In addition, the Custom Nautical Bunk Beds give the guest room a one of a kind look that residents & guests are always impressed by.Read more

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Bethune Beach Condominium

This build focused on clean lines and easy to maintain surfaces that are needed for a vacation home.  And then we added detail and luxury usually reserved for for big city penthouses. The outcome is nothing short of spectacular. Dark wood, polished granite, stainless appliances, and incredible tile design set this condo apart from the rest

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  • Hardwood floors and stainless appliences
  • Engineered hardwood floors, and custom cabnitry
  • Solid surface countertops with custom cabnitry
  • Master bath with 45 degree tile work

Beach Side Two Story

This residential build out was a pleasant challenge for us at Del Mar. We were brought in after the previously hired contractor failed to meet the customer’s deadlines or specifications. The home was completely gutted and half wired when we took over the project. For aesthetics we re-textured and painted the entire interior. For function a small office was added to the garage space. To bring a touch of class to this beachside abode, engineered hardwood floors were installed with matching cabinets, and finished off with all stainless appliances.Read more

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Beachfront Simplicity

Function and ease of maintenance were a must with this condominium remodel that is used as a private vacation reprieve from the city, and as a seasonal rental for investment purposes. Hard surfaces are used wherever possible allowing for quick wipe downs and easy sweep ups. Tile accents can be found in the kitchen and bathrooms, and are also as functional as elegant. Brilliant white millwork and ceiling detail gives the residence a very southern feel. The guest bedroom features playful tones and colorful artwork making it fun for children and adults alike.Read more

  • Exterior landscaping
  • Interior kitchen cabnitry
  • Custom flooring and millwork

Single Family Home

This three bedroom two bath remodel combines function and beauty while natural tones allow each living space to flow seamlessly into each other. Tiles and hard woods combine to provide the ease of maintenance you demand and the warmth you desire.