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Hill Street

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This exterior renovation turned a previously older, bland beach home into a true standout on one of New Smyrna Beach’s many hidden little roads. Working directly on the beach has many challenges. The salt air, humidity levels and daily exposure to intense direct UV light will expose any weakness in poor material or building method. For the exterior veneer, a cementatious board with stainless hardware protects the home. Aluminum roofing is virtually impervious to salt decay, and is commonly available with several warranty options, some extending out to 35yrs. The pool and spa are heated to provide year around enjoyment, and are wrapped by a beautiful deck that sets this home apart. The decking is all custom built and was hand fabricated on site to insure the most stringent tolerances were met. To guarantee the longevity of the decking an Ipe wood was selected, and is fastened using ultra high grade stainless fasteners and cable. To top it all off very practical vegetation was selected for the landscaping that provides a great look, ease of maintenance and hardiness through all seasons.