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Florida Ranch Home

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Depending who you ask, Florida may or may not be in the ‘South’. Our geography and history has shaped Florida into a true melting pot of culture and thus design. From the metropolitan sprawl of large port cities, to plantation style ranch homes found inland, Florida offers a little bit of everything in terms of design, buildings, and homes.

When referring to ‘traditional’ in this region, it is a very grey area. Some consider traditional to be Spanish influenced design with arches, tile, and stone, while others think of large plank and timber ranch homes overlooking large farms and cattle fields. While there is no right or wrong, determining what you are looking for in your new home or remodel will often begin with how much tradition you wish to embody in your build out.

This build out featured above really stood out to us at Del Mar for many reasons, but mostly due to a tradition feel, with some great modern design features that do not overpower the classic layout. Subtle use of stone, and hard angles gives an up to date feeling on an otherwise customary ranch home. Timber and leather combine to give an antique feel, while large glass windows and modern fixtures bring a contemporary twist to the home.

Looking for some help on your next build? Contact Del Mar Construction today, and we can help you mix in a little modern design while maintaining some of the traditional lines we have come to love in ‘The South’.

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