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Commercial Portfolio

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The Baby Shoppe

The Baby Shoppe, located at The Port Orange Pavilion presented several unique challenges from both the design and build aspect. Commercial buildouts can become overly utilitarian or very bland if careful considerations aren’t made during the design phase. Good communication between designer and contractor is a must, as details such handicap accessibility, electrical requirements, and unique buildings codes inherent to fire protection have a tremendous effect on design features and limitations.Read more

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Rip Curl Surf Shop

When it came time for one of New Smyrna Beach’s most recognizable businesses to update their look, Del Mar Construction was called to the task. Located only a few hundred meters from the ocean, the elements had taken their toll on this older block and timber structure. While aesthetics were a top concern, their were also several safety issues as several aspects of the structure had fallen behind code.Read more

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Mika Boutique/Sei Swim

This is a commercial build out we did a little while back for Sei Swim/Mika Boutique. Commercial building projects offer a different set of challenges than residential homes, but with some careful planning and a thorough understanding of both city and county regulations, we find that typically we can meet and exceed all of our clients expectations.

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 Miller’s Field Orlando

Miller’s Field is a sports bar and restaurant located in The City Beautiful, Orlando Florida. This project required extensive planning in order to facilitate the sheer number of televisions. This endeavor was clearly a situation where lighting and power must be  able to operate under demanding conditions. Del Mar Company placed extra  emphasis on reliability and redundancy for this stunning build out.

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Best Western New Smyrna Beach

When the Holiday Inn of New Smyrna Beach, Florida was renovated and upgraded to the Best Western, Del Mar Company was given the daunting task of designing and installing a stonescape which would give the aging hotel ​a fresh new look that both the locals and ​tourists would associate with a top notch ​lodging establishment.

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Clear Channel

Working with commercial clients gives us a unique opportunity to bring Del Mar Company’s style and quality to what otherwise may be considered “bland” or “cookie-cutter” builds.  This project in Jacksonville, Florida received some custom shelves, wood accents and some high-end lighting to create a professional look with a craftsman’s touch.