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Commercial Build In New Smyrna Beach

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This is a commercial build out we did a little while back for Sei Swim/Mika Boutique. Commercial building projects offer a different set of challenges than residential homes, but with some careful planning and a thorough understanding of both city and county regulations, we find that typically we can meet and exceed all of our clients expectations.

Our first task was to loose the harshness of an industrial layout, without loosing the practicality. Extensive incandescent lighting virtually eliminated any hard shadows, while creating a much more gentle tone than florescent lights.

To compliment the softer lighting, we went a wooden slat board layout to showcase product. This also helped open up the center of the boutique. Whenever working with smaller layouts, avoiding a central point of interest creates a much more open sensation. This layout is also highly adaptable, which allows the store to change with the seasons and their product lines.

While tile was considered, we opted with a polished and dyed cement floor. This gives the highest level durability, and with no grout lines or edges, daily clean out is a breeze.

For the restroom, fixtures and colors that would typically be found in a traditional southern home were utilized. While many clients will never even see the restroom, for those that do, it creates a very professional and welcoming impression. This is also an area where code is very important. Being a public building means everything has to meet handicap accessibility regulations, and restrooms are always under the scrutiny of any inspection.

Last but certainly not least, we added a stone facade to the check-out counter, with a solid wood top. This required a minimal amount of material and really tied in the floors with the color selection.

Thinking of updating your commercial building? Or maybe you are looking at a potential  venue for your next business. Give Del Mar Construction a call, and give your business the professional touch that any client will appreciate.

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