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Small Bathroom Remodels

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Not everyone loves a small bathroom, but with some careful planning, and a little creativity, you can get a lot of function out of even the smallest spaces. Whether you are working with a guest bath or a smaller master bath, following a few simple steps will help you get the most out of your bathroom remodel.

Start by deciding what you need in your bathroom. Does your bathroom double as a laundry area? How much floor space will each item take up? Exterior walls will typically remain in place, but interior walls can be easily modified, providing more square footage and often a better shape/footprint for a bathroom. Small narrow closets are impractical. Replacing closets in or adjacent your bathroom with exposed shelving and cabinetry is often a better solution logistically while simultaneously creating more usable floor space.

Go tank-less. Natural gas fueled tank-less hot water heaters are smaller, requiring no actual floor space, and more efficient than traditional hot water tanks heated by an electrical element. And because you’re only heating the water you use, tank-less hot water heaters pay for themselves quickly via reduced utility bills . These saving will be even greater in rental or vacation properties where the water may remain off for weeks or months at a time.

Working around these concepts you can then decide what decor and colors you want to use. Remember light colors convey a feeling of spaciousness, and larger tiles give flow between areas. Also remember to research some of the newer amenities available to you. Low-flow toilets, washer dryer combo’s and fixtures are always becoming more efficient and affordable.

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