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Baby Shoppe

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The Baby Shoppe, located at The Port Orange Pavilion presented several unique challenges from both the design and build aspect. Commercial buildouts can become overly utilitarian or very bland if careful considerations aren’t made during the design phase. Good communication between designer and contractor is a must, as details such handicap accessibility, electrical requirements, and unique buildings codes inherent to fire protection have a tremendous effect on design features and limitations.

For this particular project, ‘bland’ or ‘utilitarian’ was simply not an option, and with a grand opening date set before work even began, a heavy emphasis on scheduling was also enacted. The design concept of the Baby Shoppe works around the vision of a cozy and unique layout and thus the concept of ‘outside while indoors’ was born. Using the existing tile and hardwood floors we began by cutting curves, radius’ and arches to take away the existing hard lines of a square floor plan. Next we created custom cubicles to showcase larger items, and then added LED lighting so that there wouldn’t be any hard shadows or dark spots. Keeping the ‘outdoor’ motif alive, we added an artificial turf to the cubicles and continued the turf subtly out onto the retail floor. This created a great balance of color and texture.

For the retail display walls we used reclaimed pallet timber and sanded ply. The display wall is modular consisting of 9 individual panels allowing it to be moved or modified if so desired. Adding to the difficulty of the build was the requirement to hold level and true across the length of the display while mitigating flaws on the existing wall, as any inconsistencies would be magnified once the shelving is applied. As designed, the shelving aligns true, with the greatest discrepancy falling well under a 16th of an inch. The large natural variation of the pallet timber creates a texture and color combination that compliments the artificial turf and adds to the 3-D nature of the entire build.

To create a ‘wow’ factor upon entering the store, or even while viewing from the storefront windows, a unique counter-top was fashioned from a pine tree harvested from Vermont. Bright colors tie in with the decor and compliment the full length wall mirror to make the retail square footage feel even larger.  Precise mill-work was a must to tie in the fixtures with flooring and displays. When all the these details are combined, the result is nothing short of stunning, and has made The Baby Shoppe one of Del Mar Constructions most enjoyable projects of 2013.